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Property damage can be unexpected and sudden. Causes of property damage vary from different reasons and occurrence: water damage, fire damage , wind damage, earthquake to list the few. These type of occurrences can cause extensive and in a majority of the cases are unseen damages to the property. Besides, the actual monetary damages families face problems that arise from personal property being damaged and in unusable condition of the their home. Being faced with  uncertain situation stress and confusion can be overwhelming.

To protect our families and property we purchase the insurance policies. In a perfect world, the insurance companies should cover the property damage losses fully ( as they are contracted to do ) and restore our lives and property to the same condition as it was before the damage. But as we all know, this is not a perfect world and the insurance companies handlings of the insurance claims fairly are far from perfect or fair. Complicated insurance policies(written by insurance companies lawyers) can be hard to understand . In our experience when the insurance claim is filed for property damage, first thing the insurance company does is to check the coverage. The reason for that is to build into the insurance policy many exemptions and conditions that allow insurance companies to deny  or partially cover the claim. “Nice ” insurance adjusters specially trained to find the ways to deny or pay as less as possible ( per our information the insurance companies reward their adjusters for that ). Let’s not forget that insurance companies are NOT Non Profit companies. Quite the opposite!

Shield Public Adjusters were founded in the belief that the affair advantaged that insurance companies have can be leveled. We use our extensive knowledge and experience in representing home or business owners in insurance claim process. Our construction background helps us to proof the extent of the damages and get the maximum settlement that our clients deserve.


 If look at insurance  policy it in most cases more than 50 pages long written by insurance companies lawyers and it is very complicated document to understand and know you coverage’s. As home/business owner you purchase your home or business you ask question do i have coverage and getting yes they put that file away and never look at it before loss accrues .
At Shield  Public Adjusters we advocate that you should know your policy and coverage’s and if needed get additional writers to have proper coverage’s. When you know the limits of insurance policy you will be able to better protect your assets , prize property, business or home.


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