The 7 Thing To Ask A Public

Adjuster Before Hire Him



Hiring a  Public Adjuster is an important decision, make sure the person you hire meets the following criteria:

  1. Are You Licensed and Can I See Your Pocket License?

To make sure person you going to hire is State Licensed and follows all laws and regulations for education, ethics, responsibilities and carries bond.


  1. Do You Have Construction Background?

To make sure Pubic Adjuster knows every aspects of your property and can assets the extended of the damage.


  1. How Long Is Your Experience In Insurance Industry?

To make sure Public Adjuster have extensive experience in ins and outs of the insurance industry to better represent your claim and overcome every obstacles and get maximum settlement. You don’t want to have rookie to manage your claim.


  1. Do You Offer Guarantees?

To know how confident is the Public Adjuster in His or Her services and what to expect from them.


  1. Do You Have Referrals and Reviews?
    To check the previous clients who had use Public Adjuster services, how He or She  handle the claim and how satisfied are clients are what to expect by hearing from others.


  1. Do You Have Client Portal For Claim Status Updates?

To know is there system in place for you can get updates for your claim 24/7 and to review the claim progress. You want to make sure you know every step and be informed of the level of the attention of Public Adjuster have on your claim.


  1. Do You Do Public Adjusting Full time?

To find out level of commitment of the professional and how much time He or She will  spend on your claim. You don’t want Public Adjuster who das this on part time bases.


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