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Frequently Asked Questions About Public Adjusters

Shield Public Adjusters Inc. committed in representing the insured in case of property damage and insurance claim management. We specializing in insurance claims that occurs from any types of loss to any types of property that covered under an insurance policy .


Who are the Public Adjusters?

Public Adjusters, or private adjuster , is in short claim advocate or loss consultant to the insured. As name states Public Adjusters they represent the insured in the insurance claim process. The business model for any  Public Adjusters is to get maximum claim settlement for the insured. For More Information Click Here.

Are all the Public Adjusters same?

As in any profession Public Adjuster’s also have difference level of expertise and experience. As any types of adjusters Public Adjusters are specialize in insurance claim presentation in case of property damage. Knowledge and experience in the constriction and restoration is paramount to have in order to understand the extend of the damage and repair tactics. Public Adjuster need to have complete understanding of the insurance policies in order to present the insurance claim for best possible settlement. The best way to choose Public Adjuster is to check the qualifications and references.

Who uses Public Adjusters services?

Services of Public Adjusters are used by individuals, business owners, commercial management companies, attorneys, contractors and even insurance adjusters for their individual insurance claims. Once the client has experience the what Public Adjuster  have to offer, in most cases the first call for property loss or insurance policy it to Him or Her.


Are there any upfront fees for services?

NO. We are not paid until money is collected from insurance company. In many cases we spend our own money and time in documenting and resolving your claim before we get paid. Our consultations and claim review is absolutely free, without any obligation


Am I guarantied higher settlement if I use Public Adjuster Services?


In majority cases , but not always. Generally , the more detailed and thorough the insurance claim investigation and evaluation , the higher the settlement will be. We are diligently inspect every loss site and document the damages  by using video, photo and 3D technologies. We mange every aspect of the  loss to ensure compete coverage by documenting every detail. Having the experienced professional on you site who knows every “trick of the trade” is invaluable. Our approach to every claim is provide complete information to the client, address property owners concerns and expectations. Just like  every one of us is different, claim goals for every  Insured is different. Our goal is to achieve and exceed those expectations.


What  if I use Insurance companies Adjuster?


Insurance companies are big corporations for profit. Insurance adjuster is employed by Insurance companies and his loyalty , naturally , is with them. Their  profits comes from policy  premiums and less they pay for claims more they make.  Adjusters working for Insurance companies,  are trained to pay as less as possible for claims. In our opinion and as many studies shows hiring Public Adjusters in representing your insurance claim results in much higher claim settlement.


Can I have Contractor to assist with my claim?


NO. The contractors are not licensed to negotiate in behave of the insured foe insurance clam coverage’s . Please Read Here.


It is too late to file the claim?

It is never too late as long as within last 12 months. Old claims are difficult to re-open and should be left to professionals at Shield Public Adjusters.


Can I get help with my denied claim?

YES! We have many clients that where denied in their insurance claim. We simply re-open the claim, conduct our own investigation and get the claim paid in many cases.


At what point , in the claim process, I should hire Shield Public Adjusters?


We strongly recommend to contact us, before you contact the Insurance Company. By contacting us you will  ensures that you’ll get the professional help you need immediately. We will coordinate the claim process with insurance adjusters and contractors, document the damages put you mind at ease that claim is handled by highly experienced and knowledgeable professional.