Who Are The Public Insurance Adjusters?


Hello , my name is Nikolay Zubyan . I am a Licensed Public Adjuster and Licensed restoration Contractor  with more than 18 years of experience in the  Insurance industry. I am founder and CEO of Shield Public Adjusters and member of National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Today I would like to talk to abut who are Public Adjusters and what role they serve for both homeowners and business owners. The key role of a Public Insurance  Adjusters to advocate  on behave of the homeowner or  business owner when they have sustained insurable  property loss by negotiating and apprising first party insurance claims. In  another words Public Adjuster is representing you the policyholder, not the insurance company. Public Adjusters are highly trained and experienced professionals,  licensed  and regulated by the California Department of  Insurance and required carry bond, take curses   and be tested on the many aspects of handling claims. So how  can Public Adjusters help The Home owners and Business owners?
  1. Evaluate the existing insurance policy to determent what coverage’s is applicable in case of insurance claim
  2. Make recommendations to improve your existing policy to have the best protection for your family and property.
  3. In Case of property damage Determine the appropriate value for settling all covered damages
  4. Conduct inspection and documentation of the damaged property ,Negotiate the best possible settlement with the insurance company on behave of an insured. by working with insurance adjusters, contractors and experts.
  5. Public Adjusters can reopen closed or denied claims wit in 12 months of claim and argue the coverage’s and settlement in behave of the homeowner or business owner.
How the Public Adjusters are compensated? Public adjusters are usually paid in  small  percentage from the settlement of the insurance claim which is often(Per Government Studies OPPEGA Report) offset by the value the public adjusters add to the settlement of the claim. If you have any questions in regard of you insurance policy or sustained any damage to your property please contact us for Free  no obligation consultation  at 800.397.0801 or visit us at www.shieldclaims.com